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    Video Maker DOP Cameraman in Milan & Athens

    Video Maker DOP Cameraman in Milan & Athens

    video maker athens & milan

    To become a great storyteller you must first embrace fairytales



    The Storyboard is useful for your video project: video maker athens & milan

    For a videomaker or a cameraman terms such as storyboard, screenplay, synopsis, in paper or digital is a way to tell the story before the actual filming takes place. Attention to detail and cutting-edge technologies are fundamental in the creation of your video project. Originality combined with a touch of “made in Italy” inspire the personal vision of being able to blend the styles of Greek and Italian culture on a daily basis.

    A storyboard provides the whole picture, including emotions, interactions and characters to the producer and director, enabling them to focus on the actual movie.

    Any video is a movie and whatever the senario, it all begins from a piece of paper.

    This series of frames will provide visualization of the scenes and identification of potential problems before they occur.

    Besides this, storyboards also help estimate the cost of the overall production and save time.



    video maker athens & milan


    Video Maker in Athens & Milan



    Proper advertising may be the key to success. Nowadays, every company needs to promote its strengths and advertise its products in order to inform potential clients and expand within their market area. Leave the whole process of video production on us, whether advertising will be through television or internet or a conference panel.

    Social Networks

    Social networks have offered a stage for the video world. Designing and presenting your work through facebook, instagram etc. is now easy, fast, effective and low-cost. It is a win-win situation, therefore.

    Events & Music

    Whether it is a birthday party, a gig, the opening of a music club or any other type of event, we are there to record the most important moments. Eventually, your event will be synthesized in a short video clip, following the necessary audio-video editing.

    Fashion & Celebrities

    Have you decided to open a store, expand it and inform people on your fashion items? What better way to do it than having a professional video that shows the quality of clothes as worn by your models! Or allow us to create a backstage video where the photographer gives life to your new catalog.

    Weddings & Baptisms

    When one of the most important days of your life comes, it deserves nothing less than an experienced artistic point of view, expressing your deeper aesthetic beauty. On this day, you need a wedding photographer that is experienced enough to explain, suggest, communicate and customise every single process, the combination of which leads to the movie of your magical moments. Nadircommunicationvideo will be your passionate advisor and partner in this journey. Ultimately the goal is that you will enjoy the night of your life leaving us to worry about recording all the precious moments.


    Documenting reality without changing it by allowing the expression of your personal views is a basic rule in reportage making. Nadircommunication has the experience to produce naturalistic and humanitarian reports. We are available for collaboration at any corner of the world.

    Motion Graphic

    Optimum graphic programs and intuitive ideas can make a video qualitatively perfect yet, a work of art. The graphic has reached its peak in terms of creative opportunities. Nowadays, it is possible to create whatever you have imagined: virtual tours, animated videos, special effects, interactive menus and many more.

    Time Lapse

    One of the elements that makes reality magnificent may be the suggestive acceleration of sunsets, the movement of a starry sky until sunrise, the frenetic passage of thousands of people in a super busy megalopolis, the construction of a skyscraper from scratch and way too many others. These are just a few examples of how amazing your project may end up when using this kind of technology.

    Drone & Aerial Shots

    Equipped with safe GPS and  high autonomy, drones have become protagonists in variant film and video productions. The beauty of a landscape, the size of  houses or industries, the geometric shapes of colossal structures, the journey of a boat or a car race may add to your video an eye capturing effect. This is the reason why many of our customers add this service in their selected package.

    Live Streaming

    Complete solution for multi camera live streaming to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and more! Get multicamera live production for live streaming and business presentation:

    – Connect up to 4 cameras or computers

    – Live Streaming via Ethernet supported

    – Records to USB flash disks in H.264

    – USB output operates as a webcam for all video software.




    Drone service & aerial shots