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    Wedding Video Packages

    Wedding Video Packages

    destination wedding videographer greece & Italy



    Step into the enchanting tale of your momentous day through my lens!

    I am Loris Marinoni, a destination wedding videographer nestled in the heart of Greece, poised to embark on a global journey to encapsulate your unique love story.

    Your wedding video, to me, is a masterful cinematic documentary that unfolds the chapters of your journey, well before the vows are exchanged.

    It is a timeless portrayal that serves as a heartfelt reminder of the profound reasons that bound you together, echoing the commitment you made to each other, till “death do us part.”

    My dedication is to craft a wedding video that eternally captures the intense emotions and cherished moments of your special day, ensuring they resonate with you, forever and always.






    Visual art language is like a collective brain and technology that offers the means for expression of ideas.

    Our work adheres to solid rules about videography and lighting techniques combined to achieve the optimal post production and color correction results.

    This process uses softwares and features constantly updated according to the latest technological advances.

    Nadircommunication video production was founded in 2012 by Loris Marinoni, video editor, video maker and photographer.

    Collaborations include individuals and big video production companies that appreciated our passion in video production of corporate, documentary, wedding.

    As a freelance, Loris Marinoni’s photography and video making story goes back to 2007 in the collaboration with independent film production companies, straight after graduation from the school of cinematography in Milan, Italy.

    “My role is to cover part of the entire event, commencing from pre-production storytelling, tailor-made to match each client’s personal style, to shooting and editing.“

    The inspiration, knowledge and experience required is our main characteristic at Nadircommunication Videography, Milan & Athens.

    Be part of the visual revolution and enjoy the rest of the website to discover more about videography and photography.



    When I Started

    In 2006, after having been awarded the diploma of graphic designer, I entered a new three-year course at ” Scuole Civiche di Milano”, focusing on video production and cinematography lighting. In 2009, I started collaborating with companies in Italy, working in various fields like video commercials, music video clips as a cameraman assistant and focus puller. At the same year, I initiated a collaboration with one of the world’s greatest television broadcasters, through which I was sent to Ibiza to shoot and edit videos and photos on musical events and nightlife at the island.



    When the team was created

    The years to follow were a collection of intense experiences, ranging from fashion and sport events, Tv news and reportage to nature documentaries, mainly in Italy and Switzerland. Among these, wedding and christening videos have also been added to my field of interest, since to me they are like canvas on which I can draw emotions and tell stories through the language of cinematography.





    How would you define your Style?


    The achievement in my films it’s to have a connection between cinema and documentary. I would love to know your story in order to think about what are the elements that more represent your past, where did you meet, what’s your deepest dream, what are you wishing for your future together.


    What type of wedding do you do?


    Outdoor, civil, church, destination wedding. I will love to travel all over the world to film the environment of the wedding you have chosen to be.





    • two videographers for the entire event
    • video session before + after wedding
    • cinematic film of about 40 minutes
    • highlights of about 5 minutes
    • drone pilot


    • two videographers until 2 am
    • video session before wedding
    • cinematic film of about 30 minutes
    • highlights of about 5 minutes


    • one videographer until 12 am (cake cutting)
    • film of about 20 minutes
    • highlights of about 5 minutes







    • video session before wedding
    • video session after wedding
    • 2nd videographer for the entire event
    • same day video editing
    • drone pilot
    • ceremony live streaming
    • videographer for the entire event (RAW footage delivery)



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