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Couples often wonder how much is the cost for a professional wedding photographer and videomaker in Cyprus.

Well, the answer is:

It depends on whether you are looking for professional services, coming from experienced photographers and/ or videomakers or you have decided to move on with someone less experienced in the wedding field.

Obviously, prices vary even among professional wedding photographers/ videomakers and may include anything between 3000 to 5000€ for the photograpy, while video shooting and editing will usually add to the above price.

Speaking of the average professional wedding photographer, who would generally work along with a reliable videomaker, so the video is included in the wedding package, the price should be expected to start from 1400 up to 3500€ and usually the services-products included are the following in more detail:

  • One digital album measuring 30cm x 80cm, two digital albums 25cm x 50cm, USB with all the photos of the event in high resolution, two giant photos 40cm x 50cm, one cinematic video and one with highlights.

Now let’s see the wedding packages that generally medium-high level photographers from Cyprus adopt for a wedding photo session and video shooting, which include:

Two wedding photographers and a wedding cameraman for the duration of the entire event, a drone, six cinematic clips (Groom, Bride, Church, Reception, Party, Highlights), a large album with seventy 30cm x 40cm photos, two small albums from thirty-two photos 20cm x 20cm, USB with the wedding video sequences in high resolution and all the photos of the event also in high resolution, a selection of about fifty photos with the best of the day, twenty-five photos 15cm x 20cm printed and bound to an elegant album, same day video editing.

In this package we note how the contribution of the wedding videomaker is very useful in giving value to your wedding event, the price for this kind of wedding package is around € 2500.

The last package that follows, on the other hand, describes a wedding photo and video service in Cyprus by a prestigious wedding photographer and videomaker, and could include:

Three wedding photographers, two wedding cameramen, a drone pilot, six cinematic clips (Groom, Bride, Church, Reception, Party, Highlights) including video footage for “Day After“, Same Day Video Editing, photos and video from all over the entire wedding event, drone, an album with eighty photos 30cm x 40cm, two small albums with 32 photos 20cm x 20cm, USB with video and photos in high definition, selection of about eighty photos of the best of the day, two photos from of your choice 50cm x 60cm, forty photos 15cm x 20cm printed and bound to an elegant handmade album.

A wedding package including all the above mentioned services, made by professionals wedding photographer and videomaker from Cyprus, would be not below 3500 € for each single wedding.

I can certainly confirm, as an experienced videomaker and wedding photographer around the world and specifically in Cyprus, that there is no better package than another, it all depends of couple’s needs.

The difference is exclusively shown by the skills of your photographer and videomaker!

If you do not want to wake up one day and realize that your wedding video and photo album is made in low quality, there is only one choice to make:

Hire professionals who are into the wedding photography-videography and not an occasional cameraman and photographer.


Many of you will be wondering, how many thousands of euros do I need to start working as a wedding photographer in Cyprus or to start shooting wedding videos? There is no precise answer in terms of economic value.

Many beginner videographers and photographers may even start with their phones, (or buy used and a bit old-fashioned equipment).

If you are doing someone a favor by putting yourself in the position of a photographer and cameraman during the splendid wedding of your cousin, friend, brother or grandmother, don’t worry, no one will come and complain (or at least that’s what I hope for) about your blurry photos and shaky videos.

I’m not rejecting the fact that sometimes amateurs may take great photos or great wedding videos, but I want to underline that there are quality standards required to enter into the market of high-level wedding video and photo production.

Let’s see together the main features of the equipment that are part of a wedding photographer’s list.

Let’s start from the expensive one to the cheaper:

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR Camera or similar, Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera or similar, Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera or similar, accompanied at least by a zoom lens like this Canon EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L II USM Lens or similar, from a tele lens such as Canon RF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS USM Lens or similar, and at least from a wideangle such as Canon EF 14mm f / 2.8L II USM Lens or similar.

Sony Alpha a7S III Mirrorless Digital Camera or similar, (accompanied at least by zoom Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens), Panasonic Lumix GH5 II Mirrorless Camera or similar, accompanied at least by Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 II ASPH. POWER O.I.S. Lens and/or Panasonic Lumix S PRO 70-200mm f/2.8 O.I.S. Lens.

Obviously, the choice of ideal equipment varies from person to person, , however, I feel the duty to write down only the types of cameras listed above (and similar in terms of price) they can be part of the fleet of a professional photographer or videomaker.

The choice of lenses is equally very important. Having a high-performance camera without the combination of  professional lenses is like driving a Ferrari with the limit at 120 km/h!

I do not want to dwell, at least in this article, with the list of video material suitable for the production of wedding reportage, also because many cameramen and videomakers, nowadays adopt the same cameras as photographers (the same ones I have already listed above).

I personally prefer to work with a Canon C300 mk2 Super 35 camcorder, both for the excellent color range and video definition, both at the highest level of ergonomic comfort while I am recording, especially if freehand.


We take photos for a reason – to remind ourselves of precious moments we have had.

People always used to proudly show their pictures on home walls, in photo frames or keep them in the photo albums to replicate their beautiful memories.

In the modern world, the majority of the pictures are kept digitally and we often forget to get back to them.
We offer high-standard fine art prints in a variety of sizes and paper surfaces.

Don’t hide away your cherished images in digital storage – use the option of printing, so that you can display them prominently.
A single photo may be beautiful, but a series of images that are carefully crafted into a narrative can have an exponential impact in allowing couples to relive their wedding journey.
In the studio, Haris photographer Cyprus and his team creatively blend all of those elements together, designing multi-page art books that tell the longer tale and are the perfect marriage between substance and style.